Featured Trees In Stock

Canopying Trees

-Sunburst, Shademaster, Skyline, Imperial Honey Locusts.

-Lanceleaf Cottonwood (seedless)

-Patmore Ash

-Red Oak


Fall Color Trees

-Maples (Autumn Blaze, Redpointe, Flame Amur, Tartarian, etc.)

-Pears (Autumn Blaze, Aristocrat, Trinity, Bradford, etc.)

-Poplars (Quaking Aspen and Cottonwood)



All fruiting trees and non-fruiting flowering trees are in bloom!  Our Selection includes:

Fruiting Trees

-Apple, Plum, Cherry, Apricot

Non-Fruiting Flowering Trees

-Purple Plum, Crabapple, and Pear cultivars.  Plus many more!

We carry a full line of nursery items, hardscapes, irrigation, landscape materials, and more.

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High Country Landscapes

and Nursery, LLC

Spring snow Crabapple

Sunburst Honey Locust

Baby Blue Eyes Spruce

Autumn Blaze Maple

Decidous Trees

Flowering Trees

Spruce Trees

-Colorado Blue Spruce

-Baby Blue Eyes

-Fat Albert

-Columnar Blue Spruce

-Black Hills Spruce

-Colorado Spruce

Pine Trees

-Austrian Pine

-Pinon Pine

-Mugo Pine

-Southwest White Pine


-Blue Point Juniper

-Wichita Blue